La Liste: a Luxury Shopping and Discovery Experience

Let us present you with the exclusive stories behind our selection of unique products, specially handpicked for you. Featuring L’Officiel’s disruptive luxury cryptocurrency system, keep your Taste Tokens close at hand for your chance to make these products yours.

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About the Taste Token
Presenting the fashion industry’s first-ever luxury cryptocurrency system.
What is a Taste Token?
Taste Tokens are a luxury digital asset that have been specially developed by L’Officiel for the exclusive use of today’s most exciting Tastemakers. As your Tokens accumulate, make your way to La Liste where you can shop from all your favorite brands. So, whet your buds: L’Officiel will be distributing up to $100,000,000 (USD) worth of Taste Tokens to Tastemakers over the next two years.
How do I use it?
Access and manage your Taste Tokens via your profile on L’Officiel’s La Liste platform. Here, you’ll find exclusive editorials and articles on the industry’s latest and greatest. See something you like? Use your Tokens to purchase the product in the editorial and article or, alternatively, choose between the hundreds of luxury products on offer at La Liste. Each product you see has been given a Taste Token price that will be deducted from your current Token balance upon purchase.
How can I earn Taste Tokens?
It’s simple. L’Officiel awards Taste Tokens for engagement. Read, Share and Like what you see on La Liste, and tell us about your own tastes by tagging us social media. Tastemakers make the fashion world go ‘round and we love knowing more about you! You also have the opportunity to top up your current Token balance manually.
About La Liste
Presenting the first luxury digital platform and global fashion community of its kind
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Gain access to exclusive digital editorials and articles on the industry’s most exciting personalities and brands.
Boldly reimagining the relationship between the media, Tastemakers and brands, La Liste offers synergetic content that cannot be found anywhere else
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Shop hundreds of products from your favorite luxury brands
Choose from a selection of products that have been specially handpicked for you by the brands, themselves.
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It’s Time
L’Officiel invites you to see for yourself what La Liste has in store for you. Treat yourself to the ultimate fashion experience, Taste Tokens are there right there for the taking.