What is a Taste Token?

My tastes are aristocratic, my actions democratic

Victor Hugo

L’Officiel believes that taste matters. We also believe that every consumer has the potential to become, and would like to become, a more active, respected and rewarded participant in the fashion ecosystem. Thus, L’Officiel has worked hand-in-hand with the fashion industry’s foremost luxury brands to give you La Liste: the ultimate luxury fashion destination for content, e-commerce and global community where you, the consumers, are rewarded for being the integral Tastemakers that you are. For the first time, experience how engagement, knowledge, influence and, of course, taste can be commodified thanks to an exciting new luxury cryptocurrency known as Taste Tokens. The purchasing power is yours as you use these Tokens to treat yourself to an exclusive selection of products, handpicked by your favorite luxury brands specially for you.

How do I use Taste Tokens?

La Liste is here to offer you a unique fashion experience. Get inspired by the most exciting names and brands in fashion today through L’Officiel’s exclusive editorials and articles. From Chanel to Michael Kors, Dior to Salvatore Ferragamo, L’Officiel has partnered with the industry’s foremost luxury brands to create the digital content and to offer you a handpicked selection of their best products. Every product featured on La Liste has been given a Taste Token value and is available for your purchase using the same currency

About La Liste

L’Officiel has partnered with the luxury industry’s foremost brands to offer you La Liste: the fashion world’s premiere luxury content and integrated e-content platform. Revolutionizing the luxury economy and boldly reimagining the relationship between media, Tastemakers and brands, the platform revolves around a proprietary cryptocurrency known as Taste Tokens. For the first time, luxury consumers can be awarded for content engagement - a currency that can be used to shop from a selection of luxury products specially handpicked for them by all their favorite brands. La Liste is built on the belief that you, the Tastemakers, are at the heart of the fashion ecosystem. It’s time you get recognized.

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